Personal Bio

Growing up, I always loved animals, wanting to take them home and care for all of them. The older I became, I realized that I wanted to have a career with animals, to work with them and to help heal them.

I intend to go to NAIT and to enroll in the Veterinary Technician’s Assistant Program so I can continue to learn more about pet health and care. I truly enjoy my job at the Animal Medical Centre. Seeing the animals and caring for them is why I wake up each and every morning.

Deanna’s Pet

Lily is my spoiled princess.

She’s a 3-year old Boxer x Bullterrier. Lily has more energy than any other pet I have ever met or ever had. Everyday she waits for me at the front door and as I come home from a long, tiring day at work, she’s all ready to play for the rest of the night! Even when I think she’s out of energy from her night of hard playing, Lily surprises me. She still has the energy to keep going until the sun comes back out. I’m so thankful to have this “cuddle monkey” in my life; I absolutely love her.