Amanda Miller - Head Administrative Assistant

Jordan was born in Edmonton but grew up in Fredericton, New Brunswick. After attending the University of New Brunswick and earning a BA and a BSc, Jordan earned her diploma in Veterinary Technology in 2011 from the University of Guelph. Moving back to Edmonton in 2011, Jordan joined the Animal Medical Centre as an Animal Health Technician in June of that year.
As an Animal Health Technician, Jordan is in charge of running the treatment and surgery areas of the hospital and taking care of the hospitalized animals. She has a strong interest in dentistry and anesthesia.

Personal Bio

I’ve always known from a young age that I wanted to work with animals. In high school, I volunteered in a vet clinic and I knew that that was the job for me. Not yet sure of which side of the clinic I wanted to work on, I went to university. While I was there, I figured out that being a veterinary technician was what I wanted to do. I love that I get to spend every day working with animals and helping sick animals feel better.

Jordan’s Pet

Remus – My cuddly loudmouth

Remus is my 4-year-old silver tabby who always has something to say. I am always greeted at the door with a chorus of meows and purrs until I pick him up for a cuddle. Then, just when the house seems a little too quiet, he makes some noise to remind you that he is there. Just like myself, Remus is a graduate from Ridgetown Campus; he was one of the animals who lived at the school as a teaching animal, and I adopted him upon graduation.