Karin Hallihan - Office Manager

Born in Calgary, Karin moved to Edmonton in 2002 to attend the Animal Science program at the University of Alberta. Karin joined the Animal Medical Center as a receptionist in 2004.
Karin is in charge of many critical duties in every department, such as: purchasing inventory, choosing and implementing computer software, organizing in-hospital educational meetings with a variety of speakers, managing our volunteer program, and diet consultations. Karin has a special interest in animal nutrition and behavior.

Personal Bio

I’ve always known that I wanted to spend my life working with animals. Growing up, I looked forward to the summers when I would help out at my uncle’s cattle ranch. These summers gave a little city girl the opportunity to learn about all sorts of animals.

My first pet was an adorable Cocker Spaniel puppy named Duchess. She likely cemented my future in the veterinary field, as – true to Cocker form – she had more than her fair share of health problems. These included but were not limited to: allergies, seizures and hypothyroidism. She helped show me what an incredible difference a good veterinary team can make… It was only with their help that she was able to enjoy 16 years of hogging the bed, chasing tennis balls and swimming at the lake.

Karin’s Pets

Tristan – My eternal puppy

Even at 4 years old, Tristan has kept the exuberance and joy for life that Golden Retrievers are renowned for. Even though this means that he sometimes gets a little too excited and doesn’t listen quite as quickly as he should, I don’t think I would have it any other way.

Gabriel – My pint size Terror

Gabe is the newest and smallest addition to my family, and has made his presence known with gusto. He absolutely loves to cuddle with me. However, Gabe and Tristan don’t often get along so well… Gabe is relentless where Tristan is involved, and more than once, have I watched this little kitten chase my poor pup out of a room. Gabe loves to cause as much trouble as he can, like when he chews on my nice area rug… He drives me crazy, but I love him nonetheless.