Kelly Dalquist - Technical Assistant

Personal Bio

Raised on an acreage outside of Edmonton, Kelly’s love of animals was born at an early age. Upon moving into the city, her love for animals found a much-needed outlet at the Animal Medical Centre. She joined the clinic in 2008 and is currently working to complete her Animal Health Technician diploma at NAIT, graduating in 2013. Kelly often says that she likes animals more than most people, so pursuing a career as an AHT was a natural decision.

Kelly’s Pets

The girls

Serenity, AKA “Boo”: A gentle old soul who always has a welcoming bump for everyone who enters the house.

Angel: Perfectly happy being the boss… so far, we’ve been lucky that she hasn’t fired her “staff”!

Brat: The name says it all!

Xena, AKA “Jabba Kitty”: Came for a visit in 2006, and decided it took too much effort to get off the bed to leave.

The bunnies

JR & Tennie, AKA “The Grandkids”: They have been with us in our living room since the day they were born!

The boys

Speck: Daddy’s boy… we love him dearly, but he drives us crazy, too. Whoever came up with the idea of crossing a Jack Russell Terrier with a Beagle needs as much help as we do for taking him in!

Buddy: The newest member of the family. This little Border Collie’s youthful exuberance and curiosity are equally matched by his clumsiness.